Cover Page
Introduction to Molecular Biology and Biotechnology
Anil Rai
Basic Statistical Methods for Genomic Data Analysis
Seema Jaggi
Genomic Databases
Vasu Arora, Sarika, M A Iquebal and Dinesh Kumar
Programming in Perl
S B Lall
Statistical Testing of Biological Hypothesis
Seema Jaggi
Microarray Data Analysis
D. C. Mishra
Statistical and Molecular Basis for Designing Proteins for Targeting Unique Address in Genome
D. Sundar
JMP Genomics- An Overview
Sunil Archak
Practical on Statistical Testing of Hypothesis using R
M. A. Iquebal, Sarika and Seema Jaggi
Principal Component Analysis
Seema Jaggi
Programming in BioPerl
Anu Sharma
Designing of Microarray Experiments
Rajender Parsad
ANN for Gene Classification and Prediction
Ramasubramanian V.
Support Vector Machine for Classification and Prediction
M. A. Iquebal, Sarika and Dinesh Kumar
Genome Wide Association Studies and Genomic Selection- Promises and Premises
C. S. Mukhopadhyay and Dinesh Kumar
Plant Genome Analysis Using Bioinformatics Tools
T. R. Sharma
The Next Generation Sequencing
Sunil Kumar
Statistical Modelling of Genomic Data
Anil Rai
Evaluation Techniques in Classification of Genomic Data
Sarika and M. A. Iquebal
Genotype Imputation
Anil Rai
Resampling and Cross Validation Techniques
D. C. Mishra, Sanjeev Kumar and Anil Rai
Molecular Data Integration
MNV Prasad Gajula
Molecular Modelling: MD Simulations - Protein Structure and Dynamics
MNV Prasad Gajula
Molecular Marker Based Classification of Crop Genotypes
A. R. Rao
Correspondence Analysis
A. R. Rao