Computational Framework for Biotechnological Research
About NABG

Genetic engineering and genomic approaches have opened new vistas for increasing the productivity and quality attributes of biosystems. During the last decade, genomics has witnessed an information explosion. Genomic databases contain huge amounts of information that are not amenable to traditional analytical approaches. The analysis of genomic sequences for drawing valid conclusion is highly computer intensive and needs different tools and technique. Apart from this, there is need to design and develop databases and data warehouse of genomic data of local species and commodities to facilitate researchers. Software and web browser based systems need to be developed for visualization, mapping and interpretation of these genomic sequences. Also, there is hardly any consolidated efforts are made for collection, compilation, storage and knowledge mining of indigenous agricultural genomic resources. In order to keep pace with the research and developments in agricultural bioinformatics at global level, country needs expertise and exposure in this area of research. Therefore, there is an urgent need to establish this National Agricultural Bioinformatics Grid (NABG) which will help in developing databases, data warehouse, software and tools, algorithms, genome browsers and high-end computational facilities through systematic and integrated approach in the field of agricultural bioinformatics.

NABG will also help in capacity building for research and development in agricultural bioinformatics and in turn agricultural biotechnology. Further, It will provide platform for inter-disciplinary research in cross-species genomics. It is expected that, in due course of time information and knowledge generated through research on bioinformatics from the genomic knowledge base will start flowing downward and experimentations in different sectors of agriculture will be able to evolve internationally superior competitive varieties/breeds and commodities in agriculture.